January 11, 2009

Am having Very Ambitious Sunday

I got up in the morning, like, proper morning, single-digits hours, which is a big deal for Sunday. Conditioned my hair (using Redken All-Soft Heavy Cream, which is what I use on the weekends instead of Terax -- I find the Redken Heavy Cream is more moisturizing and deep-conditioning than the Terax Crema, but Terax yields a glossier, smoother finish with air dry, which is why I use it on the weekdays when I have to go out in public). Ate breakfast (apple pie from an apple farm + pot of light black tea from Fortnum & Mason). Peeled and washed my greenmarket Russian banana potatoes in preparation for lunch. Did four loads of laundry!!! Why do I have so much laundry. Tried to get a last-minute facial appointment at Completely Bare (I should have known to book in advance, but was testing my luck). And now cleaning apartment, editing my packing, and getting ready to work starting around 5:30. Whoop! Very productive Sunday, in my book, as I have rather low productivity standards.