December 15, 2008

Very Young Girls - it's right here in New York

I'm watching the new documentary Very Young Girls on Showtime right now. There's so much activism surrounding sex trafficking of children in the world, and the fact that grown men will knowingly pay money to have sex, a k a rape, a child, makes me viciously angry. Did you know that in the USA the average age of prostitutes is 13-14. It's right here in New York, this sex trafficking of young girls. This December, when I do an end-of-year cleanout of all the new, unused fashion and beauty products in my apartment and my office, I'm hoping that Gems - the Girls' Education and Mentoring Service, an organization right here in Manhattan that is dedicated to helping girls and young women off the streets and rehabilitate them towards independent living, will accept product donations. If you haven't seen the documentary, check if out on Showtime on demand if you have time. The footage of the NYPD workshop for convicted johns is appalling -- these grown men of all races, ages, and walks of life just don't take it seriously, laughing and joking about when they could take a break, they don't care that they're raping 13 year olds -- and the stories these young girls tell, they've so compartmentalized them, sometimes blocked them out because they're so traumatic, are heartbreaking. But what Gems does for these girls is amazing.