December 10, 2008

Trying to get back to wearing normal shoes: The Double Life of Veronique (Branquinho boots)

I'm doing this conscious thing lately, where I'm trying to get back to wearing real shoes and real clothes. For the past few years I've been wearing only stretchy fun comfortable things -- like, I basically LIVE in Converse and Uggs, legging and tanks from American Apparel, wrap sweaters from Rick Owens, and a big green coat I picked up at the 8th Street Army Surplus, sometimes a black Margiela coat when it's not as cold. I like looking like one big swishy mess of fabric -- the idea of it makes me feel cozy. But when I started to clean, like, really really clean, my apartment and throw out stuff I don't use, I realize I have all these shoes and clothes that I never ever wear. And I realized that over the past few years I've gotten really lazy about getting dressed in the morning. Seriously, what I usually wear is really an outdoor variation on pajamas. So my new/old thing is to try to wear real clothes. Like today I wore my deHoughton jeans, which I adore, they are really really flattering and not that stretchy, so they don't cling in the wrong places you know? And a tank overlayed with a black Helmut Lang V-neck sweater I bought, like, in the last season of Helmut-Helmut (I haven't bought Helmut since he left the label). And I wore these Veronique Branquinho boots, which I love. But wearing heels after wearing mushy Uggs for the past few weeks is tough. I don't know which is healthier -- having mushy soft feet that can't take wearing hard-soled shoes or having tough feet that don't get coddled in Uggs. As usual, I have trouble finding the middle ground.