December 02, 2008

Old friends

Been struggling a bit since Saturday -- I have a gala to go to on Wednesday, one that I actually have to put on a proper formal dress for (my theory with these events is that you either look super-dressed up or wear Comme des Garcons, i.e. look really weird and expensive). So the only formal dress I own is one I wore to an Oxford ball once upon a time, back when I was, ahem, 20 pounds lighter. I tried the dress on on Saturday. Then I tried it on on Sunday. I just tried it on again now. I look like a sausage. Seriously. I mean, I'm lucky it zips up, but how am I going to wear this on Wednesday night? Today I've eaten nothing but vegetables and a piece of fish, had some popcorn. Got to be good until at least Wednesday. Seriously, this is bad.