December 11, 2008

My ASUS EEE PC 900A broke, AGAIN!

I bought my first ASUS EEE PC 900A in late October. It's handbag-friendly, so I carried it from home to work every day for two weeks. It was fun, light, so easy to use. After two weeks of light word processing and internet surfing (I never saved a single thing on its hard drive, didn't download anything), the TAB key died. So I took it back to Best Buy where they let me exchange it for a new one. That was in early November. Now EEE PC number 2? Just died. First the mouse didn't work, now it won't even turn on. I made a video about it, which I'll post here when YouTube finishes processing it. ARG. I'm going to go back to Best Buy tomorrow and I'm hoping they'll see that it's just a shoddy product and can give me store credit so I can buy another netbook. This is beyond ridiculous and I will never buy another ASUS product again.

Update: Here's my action-packed video of my broken computer.