December 03, 2008

I thought I lost my copy of the Karl Lagerfeld Diet, but I just found it again tonight

Lagerfeld is one of the smartest, wittiest, nearly-always-right famous people around. I've never spoken to him personally, but I've been in the same room and have heard him give talks. Every rapid-fire sentence that comes from his mouth is really spot-on. He doesn't ever seem to waste words. I love his diet book -- I got it in Europe right when it came out. Lagerfeld gets it -- his book isn't full of this b.s. self-esteem psychotherapy talk. Instead, he writes stuff like: "A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul. It is the sum of our experiences which makes us interesting and having been through a period of relative unattractiveness (real or imagined) can be useful." He's very pragmatic.
"I think you have to be able to laugh at yourself. To follow a diet like that you have to have a sense of humour. Don't take things too seriously; make fun of yourself; admit why you are doing it. It's a physical thing, that's all. There's no point in pretending it's anything else and complicating matters. You have to give yourself orders as if you were a young army recruit. You have to be your own officer and soldier. The general tells the soldier what he wants of him; how he must behave, what he must do. If you remain faithful to your physical self and your mental self, I think it can work. That's the secret. That's how I approached my diet. You are a general and you have a single soldier in your army. You must give him instructions and he must carry them out. It may annoy him but he has no choice."