December 06, 2008

Cheap hairstyles

I don't know anything about hair. I was just reading this story in the NY Observer about hair in the recession. It's interesting because I was just talking to Richard Keogh, who's a star at the Patrick Melville salon, and he was telling me that since the economy's tanked, people aren't really cutting down as drastically as you'd imagine -- like, for example, instead of coming in once every six weeks, they come in once every eight to ten weeks. Anyway.

People ask me about hair all the time. In fact, someone emailed me to ask me about hair today. I'd estimate that I get asked about hair at least once a day, if not, on average, twice. It's a big concern, probably because hair can be unwieldy, and schlepping around with an unwieldy thing on top of your head is super-stressful. Everyone can see it and it can get in your eyes.

So I think the reason people ask me about it is because I have really really really long hair -- waist long, almost butt-long. And on account of me being Asian, it's straight. On top of that, on account of me eating a LOT, especially a lot of protein and fats (and carbs and, okay yeah, everything else), it's shiny. Also, I only ever heat my hair, like, once every three months, so I don't have too many split ends and my hair isn't that dry. I don't really have any tips except these:

1. Use Terax Crema conditioner. It's the best conditioner. It changes the texture of your hair to super-soft and super-shiny. I've used Terax since I was 19 years old and had to mail-order it. It's one of the handful of beauty products I have to have, that I spend money on. No one sends me Terax for free, which is a tragedy.

2. I don't use elastics in my hair, hardly ever, maybe once or twice a year when I'm desperate and my apartment is so messy I can't find clips. I use these claw clips. The reason is that no matter how careful you are taking an elastic out of your hair, you'll break a few hairs. Broken hairs and stressed hairs break up smooth lines and turn into flyaways and damaged ends.

3. I've also used the same shampoo since I was 19 -- Kiehl's Protein Concentrate Shampoo for normal to dry hair. Whenever I go off it for more than a couple of weeks (like if I'm traveling or something), I notice. Obviously the protein is really good for your hair, but I think it's really important to take care of your scalp and stuff too, and the Rosemary in this shampoo takes care of your scalp skin for you.

4. Also I never brush my hair. Like, never. Maybe I've brushed my hair once in the last year. Brushing rips your hair, you can hear it ripping your hair. Ripped hair = stressed hair = broken hair = frizz and flyaways. Use a wide-tooth comb.

I think it's important to mention that I went to fashion school in London. And when I was in fashion school in London from 2002-2004, I had London fashion school hair -- which means it was really really bleached out, geometrically-cut, shaved, flat-ironed on a daily basis, you name it. Super-processed and beyond damaged, SO damaged. And I have really healthy follicles now. But if you treat your hair like that, you're gonna get damaged hair. Let you hair do what it wants to do naturally and treat it nicely, then it'll be happy.

That's all I can think of right now. Kiehls shampoo, Terax conditioner, finger-comb, air-dry. See results in a few short weeks.