December 18, 2008

CES 2009?

Somehow I got it into my head that technology is the future (it is), that I'm wildly deficient in my computer and tech knowledge (okay, kind of, but really I'm ok, I think my poor tech self-esteem isn't entirely steeped in reality), and lately I've had this driving desire to learn something new. So I've registered for CES 2009, the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world. Besides all the cool gadgets (almost 3,000 exhibitors!) I'm really excited about the panels, sessions, and seminars. The topics range from technology for baby boomers to digital music and everything in between, and I feel like if I go to CES this year, I'm really going to get a shot of inspiration, really going to learn something new. Let's see if this pans out, shall we?