December 18, 2008

Amazon guy on Oprah

I remember watching Oprah once, years and years ago, I can't remember if it was in high school or after college (we only had one channel in college, so it couldn't have been then), but she had the founder of on the show. This was before blogs existed, before everyday people used the internet, before the digital world is what it is now. And I remember the Amazon guy telling Oprah that every day he takes one picture (with his non-digital camera). And so he has something to remember every day with. And Oprah was really flabbergasted at this idea, the idea of an unedited, visual chronicle of basic quotidian life.

But here we are now, in 2008, and everyone does it. There are millions of blogs. And so much of everyone's quotidian life floating around in cyberspace, we couldn't get away from it if we tried.