December 06, 2008

7 looks, 7 days, 1 tired person

Thank God it's Friday. Here are the things I've been thinking about this week but haven't done anything about: New camera: Maybe a pocket snappy snap? I have the Canon G9 which I love, but it's not terribly convenient for evening events. Like the Interior Designer's Hall of Fame Gala I went to this week with Danny, the first event in a long time where I learned something, listened to great speeches, thought about new things. Unfortunately, I was really tired this week on account of a heavy mixture of insomnia and pre-photoshoot (which turned out fine after all, thanks) stress. But now that's done. I realize that my job isn't that hard and maybe it's my own task to find ways to push my own limits and challenge myself to problem-solve and think outside of the box, but still within the frameworks of what I can (ability and professionally, parametrically) do. But that's hard when all I wanted to do this week was sleep. This week I regretted not buying more Polaroids when they were still manufacturing instant cameras because last weekend I dug out some old film and Polaroid pictures from London and Oxford and I love them. I miss film. I sort of dislike the shiny slickness of digital, even though it's easier to get things online with a digicam. In other news, I need to clean my apartment and I have about 20 loads of laundry to do this weekend.