November 16, 2008

My Blackberry is on the fritz

I have a T-Mobile Blackberry Curve and it's had the flu for the past two days. It's not sending attachments or photos and only sporadically sending and receiving emails. It's super-annoying. Plus I can't mobile blog.

The other week I had a Blackberry Bold for, like, a day. It was a disaster -- every time it was placed on a flat surface it would shut off by itself, a red light would go on, and I wasn't able to turn it on again for ten minutes. What a mess. I returned it immediately.

I need to get a new Blackberry, but T-Mobile doesn't have a new one with full QWERTY keyboard out and I don't want to pay for another Curve (I've only had mine a year and I paid full price for it when I got it -- more than $400!). I have to stick with T-Mobile because it's the only network that gets reliable service abroad -- yeah, I know AT&T claims it does, but I've traveled with plenty of AT&T friends to Europe and believe you me, once their plane touches down, they are nearly totally incommunicado everywhere, be it in France, England, Finland (which I think is pretty ironic since AT&T touts their Finnish coverage in their television ads), Iceland, or Italy.

What do I do? T-Mobile, please come out with a new Blackberry before the holidays!