November 06, 2008

Michelle Obama: Fashion Icon



Posted: 4:52 am
November 6, 2008

Michelle Obama's flawless campaign wardrobe of classic all-American sportswear and her impeccable taste in elegant, flattering evening dresses have the entire fashion industry clamoring to dress the next first lady.

"It's amazing to have somebody on the world stage who can bring the American fashion community to the forefront," said designer Geren Ford, who would love to dress Michelle in her label's classic, jewel-tone pieces, currently sold at Barneys.

"By making the choice to wear American designers, she's sending a statement to people here that what we make as a country is important - that it's part of our currency."

Even Obama's controversial choice of a belted red and black Narciso Rodriguez dress for her husband's victory speech at Grant Park Tuesday night was lauded by designers and fashion insiders.

"The dress was a flattering, classic silhouette with modern detailing," says Raul Melgoza, creative director of red-carpet favorite Luca Luca.

Los Angeles-based luxury jewelry designer Loree Rodkin, whose earrings Michelle wore, couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted her designs on stage.

"They weren't borrowed, but we don't know if she bought them at Ikram in Chicago or if they were a gift from Oprah, but they retail for $10,275," Rodkin said.