November 16, 2008

Let's talk about jeans, specifically, William Rast's Savoy jeans.

I kind of have a Jessica Simpson problem -- not a problem with Jessica, but a Jessica problem. See, everything she puts on, I want too. Who knows why, we have absolutely nothing in common. Still, I want to wear Jessica Simpson shoes, carry a big hippie handbag (sometimes) like JS, and I want Jessica Simpson's hairstyle. This is how bad it's gotten: I even want to wear her jeans. I don't even LIKE jeans.

So I got her jeans. They're William Rast's Savoy jeans. And now I know why she wears them everywhere all the time -- they are the most comfortable jeans ever. I mean, besides the Pur fleece jeans that my friend Simon told me about a few months ago, but really fleeced denim jeans are more like sweatpants, they're like a whole other category. William Rast's Savoy jeans are, like, REAL jeans, not just stretchy dark blue pants. They're the only jeans that somehow don't make me look and feel enormous. I don't get that I'm-a-sausage feeling when I'm wearing them. And I don't want to take them off as soon as I get home. In fact, there's something incredibly relaxed about these jeans, I get a very I'm-wearing-sweatpants feeling when I'm wearing Savoys, which NEVER happens to me, especially with jeans. In my whole life I've never felt comfortable in jeans, I've always hated them and believed they were uncomfortable. I have the kind of figure that gets red marks from wearing jeans all day (that figure being, uh, of the "Not Thin" ilk), and all I want to do is swish around in my Savoys all the time. Also they run a little big so it makes me feel quite good about myself wearing a whole size down from my usual. Anyway, I wholeheartedly recommend. Thumbs up. Yay Savoy jeans.

Check to find them at a store near you or to order them online. They're pricey but worth it. Remember: Cost Per Wear!