November 23, 2008

Amazing passage in Lee Tulloch's "Fabulous Nobodies"

From Chapter 1:
"Some people have no idea what fabulous is. Some people think fabulous is a sequined frock with plunging neckline they've seen on a deodorant commercial on television. They think fabulous is a maroon leather jacket with shoulder pads that go all the way to Ohio and a pair of baggy jeans with pockets down the legs. They think fabulous is a three-piece pinstripe suit from Brooks Brothers with matching red suspenders, tie, and pocket handkerchief. They think fabulous is a patchwork jacket with lambskin trim or a silk blouse with a pussy bow at the neck or a sweater with appliqued sailing boats all over it. Some people think sneakers with socks scrunched down over them are fabulous. Some people go for jackets with the sleeves pushed up past the elbow or lavender sweat shirts cut off at the midriff. It's deeply disturbing that people can get to be like this. They're sick."