October 30, 2008

Today's Haute List, feat. who else, Jeffree Star!

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'I'VE worn makeup for so long, my skin needs it," says self-dubbed Queen of the Internet Jeffree Star, a makeup artist turned MySpace sensation turned clothing designer turned electro-dance-pop artist.

Freshly signed to Popsicle Records/ILG, with an EP dropping in early December, Star was in town playing a show at School of Rock last night. He stopped by to make Danica up in his image - "The Airbrush Look," he calls it - and dish beauty secrets.

"My mom used to be a model," Star says, lifting his skirt to reveal a tattoo - one of 75! - of his mom's face on his left thigh. "She had cases of makeup, so when I was bored, I'd play around with it. I taught myself everything, and I had friends who worked at MAC, so I got a job there."

After a six-month stint working the makeup counters, he started doing porn - behind the scenes. "I met so many people," Star says. "I was 18, 19 - but I told everyone I was 21. That's when I worked for Hustler. They paid really well - it was easy, though. It was for, like, 'Barely Legal,' so I was paid $1,000 a day for lip gloss and mascara - if I did it too dramatic, they'd be like: 'No, less.' "

Star's signature pink-hair, no-eyebrow look had evolved in high school - "I shaved my eyebrows in 10th grade," he says. His grandparents and mom still tell him he looks like a zombie when he doesn't draw them in. "I'm turning 22 next month - they're still like, 'You're going to regret it.' No I won't."

And this season, on his cross-country tour? Star's gone from pink to fluorange.Onstage, Star amps up his everyday look with glitter and sparkles - "I might put glitter on my lips," he says. "My makeup never moves, which is nice. It's the way I apply it - when I get off stage it still looks exactly like this. I use a lot of powder first."

But other than that, "I don't wear much," Star says. "It gets too hot - so it's just bootie shorts, diamond leotards and crazy shoes."

And although Star designs his own top-selling line of clothes and accessories at teen mecca Hot Topic, he works on his stage costumes with Brian Lichtenberg, a designer who's dressed celebrities from Gwen Stefani to M.I.A. Other labels Star favors? "I have Louis Vuitton everything, I'm obsessed," he says, as he shows us the LV-logo ice cream cone inked on his calf.

Jeffree Star's favorite makeup is made by MAC - Studio Fix powder in NW15, $26; Eye Kohl in Smolder, $14.50; eye shadow in Carbon, Print and Pink Freeze, $14.50 each; lipstick in Pink Nouveau, $14. And he also loves Make Up Forever's hot pink Star Powder, $18 at Sephora, for his eyebrows.