October 02, 2008

Staying up for the debates, which is on at 2 a.m. CET (Central European Time)

One of my friends just sent me this totally hilarious email:


Mark my words. Regardless of how Sarah Palin performs in tonight's vice-presidential debate, certain media outlets (read: New York Post, Fox News, Wall Street Journal) will cover the event predictably, and rate her performance favorably. For example, Mrs. Palin might:

-- State that India is the capital of Pakistan.

-- Assert that her foreign-policy IQ shoots through the roof whenever, as governor, she charters a fishing boat out onto the Bering Strait.

-- Mention in all sincerity that she built the Bridge to Nowhere, by hand, out of recyclable material.

-- Argue that a financial industry bailout is unlikely to work without enough buckets.

-- Tout her proposed federal "Uzis 4 Kidz" program (Slogan: "Their guns & their free for kids!").

-- Claim that when she was born again, she literally was born again, as in physically, for a second time, out of her mother, in a hospital, without any record of the incident.

-- Inform Americans that the End of Days will occur tomorrow at 6 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, and so she must be getting on a jet back to Alaska, a refuge state!

-- Even so, a combination of the above-referenced news sources will run some variant of the headline: "Lady Liberty: Sarah Shines Despite Dem Bashing". It is enough to invoke the ghost of Dewey Defeats Truman, except that was an honest mistake.


Proud to be Elite, if this equals being minimally thoughtful and well educated