October 28, 2008

MAC Fab Orchid Holiday 2008

Last week I got the MAC Holiday 2008 mailing and ever since I've been OBSESSED with this Fab Orchid eyeliner from their Little Darlings Softsparkle/Eye Pencil set (includes 5 pencils, $29.50 starting Nov. 6 online and at MAC stores). See, I've been looking for a soft smudge black-purple eye pencil for months, ever since I interviewed Heidi Klum ages ago and she went on and on and on about how purple eyeliner makes eyes "pop" -- seriously, when Heidi talks, I listen. Think about how much experience she has and how many makeup artists she's worked with -- she swears up and down that purple eyeliner is a top makeup-artist-secret. So I've tried a lot of purple eyeliners over the past few months, and while the results are cool, I didn't like how so many non-black/brown eyeliners are really waxy and difficult to put on and also I wasn't really keen on the fact that a lot of purple eyeliners look really obviously, you know, purple. Everytime someone would look at me and ask, "Are you wearing purple eyeliner?" I'd wind up feeling very 1983. What I wanted was an almost-black purple-tinged eyeliner that was the consistency and smudgability of Stila Kajal eyeliner, seriously my favorite Stila product ever and, for those of you who know eyeliner, beyond blendable, smoky, stay-put, ultra-dark, and just beyond perfect.

So here it is, this Fab Orchid, so-dark-it's practicallly black, smudgeable, a little shimmery, and totally perfect purple-enough eyeliner. I'm crazy about it, except I'm worried I won't be able to get it after the holidays are over, so I'm wary of getting hooked. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm pretty sure Heidi was spot-on with her advice, just a little bit of MAC Fab Orchid goes a long way -- I don't need any other eye makeup, not even my usual triple-set of false eyelashes to get that eye-pop.