October 30, 2008

It's a charmed life

What a busy week. I had to file a huge story on Monday morning before running off to do four mini-phootoshoots. Then Tuesday I started with an 8:30 a.m. breakfast, went into a noon meeting with Jeffree Star, then had an 8 p.m. event downtown. Today I filed tomorrow's Haute List, another story for tomorrow, then got on the Warner ILG bus to New Jersey to see Jeffree's show, which was fantastic, literally, like a fantasy-come-true. There's something about Jeffree Star that's like every fulfillment of girlhood and teenage fantasy at once. In fact, while I was standing there listening to him sing and dance onstage, wondering how his teenage backup band told their parents they were ditching homelife to tour the country with Jeffree Star, I had this idea that he's actually this total genius -- I mean, he's totally tapped into the teenage girl market in an entirely novel way. He's figured out how to be a heartthrob, but not a sexually threatening heartthrob, but a I'm-on-your-side superstar, and all the songs are about I-want-what-you-want-too. You really get the sense that Jeffree Star gets it, gets you, gets the idea of what's modern and what rings true to teenagers in 2008. It floors me.

Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to catch some of the Duffy show before running across town to see Tokio Hotel at Roseland. And Libby's in town, so I am super-excited to catch up with her. Then Friday Aleksi may or may not be flying in from London for a photoshoot, so I better tidy up around my apartment tomorrow morning. And oh my god I have so many extracurricular projects on my plate that just aren't being tended to. I can't pull all nighters anymore, I'm 30, too old. Imagine that. If I don't get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, I can barely function the next day. Looks like I blew through my quota of all-nighters years ago.