October 29, 2008

Going to see the Jeffree Star show tonight in New Jersey

Jeffree Star, Queen of the Internet, came by my office yesterday -- the first time I ever saw him was at the Bamboozle a couple of years ago, he was just brilliant and was literally swarmed/mobbed by hundreds of teenagers, I'd never met him before yesterday. Now I'm just over the moon -- a total fan. He's beyond beyond, totally magnificent and very charming in person -- and surprisingly softspoken, though, he explained, that might have been because he'd just woken up. From his MySpace:

"The appearance of my own body is cut and dissected every time I breathe. My horror of beauty is not when I’m laying naked on the bathroom floor, but when I’m staring at myself, wondering what’s underneath the painted-on feelings and made-up eyes. I’m not a fucking beauty queen. When I walk into the bathroom, I’m not getting pretty.. I’m destroying myself. Repairing myself from the damage I’ve done. Whether YOU like it or NOT. The ceiling of fear crashes down on me when I pick up the latest fashion magazine and find that no one else looks like me. But what is ME? Where has the word "real" gone to? Maybe reality is blonde hair, plastic body parts, tan skin and porcelain teeth? I think it’s sweaty skin, smeared lipstick and a big mouth, being afraid of nothing and truly LOVING yourself without BEING someone else. The vanity sanctuary will keep me safe and you can try to break me down but you’re only hurting yourself, just like you’re supposed to be doing."