September 05, 2008

This is what I do all day

This is me in the William Rast / Lindeberg studio this morning, photo by Liz Sullivan. This is what I've been doing all day, running around to different design studios, writing down a bunch of stuff really hastily and messily, and then totally not being able to read my handwriting later on. It's such an interesting experience going to designer's studios. It makes me think that we're all missing a lot of the message -- you know, going to shows and stuff. There's this whole other secret world, and when you go to a studio, see the designer all stressed out in their natural environment, and then look at the collection that's sitting right there in the room, it changes everything. Somehow everything becomes more clear. After all, I suppose what designers send down the runway is heavily edited and in a bizarre contrived artificial environment that's never really replicated in the real world. I've really enjoyed seeing where everyone works this past week. Tomorrow, my NY Post Fashion Week blog launches -- click here to see it.