September 01, 2008

I'm bleaching my bathroom, so while I wait here are some ideas.

Why on earth would Sarah Palin put her daughter through this international scrutiny of her out-of-wedlock-teenage-pregnancy? Palin claims she's releasing this information to dispel rumors that she's only pretending to be the mother of Trig, four-month old 'youngest child' who has been diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. But why not just produce a birth certificate? Why not have her doctor make a statement? Why throw your teenager into the public spotlight like this?

Some blog commentators have speculated that this is a lie contrived to cover up the first and that following the election, the family will conveniently announce a 'miscarriage.' It's cruel to imagine and God forbid this happens if she really is pregnant, but the whole situation just begs the question -- what on earth was Sarah Palin thinking? Thrust your daughter into the spotlight, scandalize her at age 17, then make public outcry that her pregnancy ought to remain a private family matter?

Privacy: Ur Doin it Wrong.

Also, to be fair, I think if the Democrats aren't allowed to bring up Bristol's pregnancy, neither should the Republicans. Actually, I think the whole thing is fair game since the candidate brought it up herself.