September 06, 2008

I lost count on my morning espresso

It's not even a triple. It's just a multiple espresso - espresso x 1823748293748293. Woke up this morning and can barely pry my eyes open, and I didn't even go out last night! Hurricane Hannah's wings are whipping around New York today, with winds gusting up to 50 mph. Grrreeeeeaaaat. I was just saying yesterday how it seems we can never have a normal fashion week, it always has to be +500 degrees or -500 degrees outside with high humidity or torrential rains. Anyone remember when part of the backstage tent at Bryant Park nearly collapsed last season? And it was raining all over the Full Frontal Fashion equipment in the main tent? Today I'm doing more backstage stuff and a couple of events in the evening, fingers crossed the weather's not too brutal. My friend Robin's meant to be flying in from Paris, hope that's not too delayed because of the winds. All in all it's a very typical fashion week right now. Hopefully when the storm passes, tomorrow will be a better day.