August 21, 2008

Where did this year go?

Just going through my calendar planning everything running up to fashion week, fashion week itself, and the few days of normalcy between the day NY ends and the day I need to be in Milan for the Laitinen show. Then onto Paris. And then we're well into October. Where did this year go? In four months will it really be 2009?

For the rest of the year I'm planning some reorganization -- going to get rid of all the clothes I don't wear, all the clothes I shouldn't be allowed wear, get a new bed (my current one is too big and I'd really rather have room for a clothing rail instead), throw out as much stuff as possible, organize my bookshelf, purge products I don't use, and really, seriously, actually become more minimalist. I always joke that all my good intentions of minimalism get thwarted by my uncontrollable maximalism. The truth is, I have way too much stuff and it bothers me that if, say, I wanted to pick up and move one day, it would take me a thousand trucks, a hundred suitcases, and (probably) forty camels or something to get out of here.

Call it a three-quarter-year resolution.