August 25, 2008

What's with the mayor of London at the closing ceremonies?

Is that really the new mayor of London or is Matt Lucas impersonating him?

Is he on something? He can't stop gesticulating, chatting as he walks down the red carpet. Can't he button his jacket? And then he gets up to the main platform and is all fidgety, putting his hands in his pockets, putting his hands behind him, swinging his hands, waving. Fidget much? Mangle and tangle the Olympic flag much? Gordon Brown is chuckling, chatting to his wife, and flipping through a brochure in the stands. HELLO folks, you are on international television live broadcast!

Seriously, the London Olympics is going to be super funny in a way that only the British can pull off. It'll be more than enough material to last British sketch comedy writers a lifetime.