August 23, 2008

Time to grow up

So last night I went to this Comfort-themed O Magazine event at the Hearst building where Thom Filicia talked about interiors, Jean Chatsky talked about finances, and one of my new most favorite people in the world Chef Art Smith talked about biscuits and macaroni & cheese -- the man cooked macaroni & cheese for Beyonce Knowles a few weeks ago, his mac & cheese is GOOD.

One of the items the audience got to take away was Jean Chatzky's bestselling book "Make Money, Not Excuses", which I'm currently reading and enthralled with. It's just the most brilliant step-by-step guide to sorting yourself out financially and thinking forward to your future. When I first started working after grad school, the most important book I bought back then was Suze Orman's "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke" which really helped answer a lot of the basic questions about money (aka life) -- like, what's a credit score, why is it important to pay bills ontime, etc.

Now that I'm a little older, I turned 30 last year, it's time to grow up and do something serious and responsible. I've kind of decided that the latter part of 2008 is, for me, going to be all about behaving like a grown-up. I need to start managing my time, managing my money. I need to start reorganizing my apartment, my life. Sooner rather than later I'm going to have to start thinking about what it is I'm going to be doing in the long term. For me, 30 means not being a kid anymore.

So this is step 1, doing right by my bank account.