August 21, 2008

Susan + Respect = Right on the money

I really love Susan's blog entry about this Southern-Justin guy because I know exactly what she's talking about. In fact, I met Justin on Saturday and was actually blown away -- this is how blown away I was: Previously, I didn't even know that guys like this existed.

Let me explain: I grew up in New York, then I went to a jock liberal arts college, then I went to England (fashion school), and now I'm back in New York.

I have loads of guy friends -- and 95 percent of them are gay. In my entire life, I've never met a straight man who, right off the bat, was really easy and pleasant to talk to. It was weird talking to Justin over brunch -- when either Susan or I said something, he'd actually listen to what we'd said then craft an interesting and thoughtful response which propelled the conversation forward. I was floored that not once did he (1) go out of his way to make either one of us feel stupid, (2) name-drop, (3) salary-drop, (4) talk about himself, (5) talk smack about other guys, or (6) talk smack about girls.

The best part? When he greeted, held the door for, and made friendly small-talk with an elderly woman who was coming in as we were leaving.

Seriously, thinking about it totally changes my social worldview. And while it makes me want to move somewhere where straight men are taught to be gentlemen, I'm not convinced that I could live anywhere else in America outside of New York.