August 22, 2008

So you know I got this fancy new 12.1 mpx camera

And I want to take more pictures. Actually, I got the camera now because fashion weeks are coming up -- this season I'm doing New York, Milan (obviously, because I keep harping on going there and how complex the planning has been), and Paris (usually just once a year, this will be the second time this year). And I thought it would be nice for once to have lots of nice pictures from fashion week, since I get pretty good access backstage, at least in New York.

But then I was talking to someone and he said that he was confused by my blog because sometimes it's just pictures of stuff.

But sometimes I like just pictures of stuff.

So anyway, that's the idea. I do mean to just have pictures of stuff sometimes. Stuff like marshmallow plants. See below. And I don't have an explanation. There it is.