August 11, 2008

Sharon says

Last week, when I mentioned to Sharon that I prefer to stay in on weekends, hanging out by myself, avoiding people entirely, and not talking, she said she was worried about me. Is it not normal?

My dream vacation is to go away for a month to a tiny beachside cottage and do nothing and speak to no one all day long. Just sit around watching the sand and the water, reading books and writing.

And ever since I read Eat, Pray, Love, I've wanted to go on a silent retreat, to not speak to anyone for days and weeks and for it to be a rule that no one else around me is allowed to speak either. But then the idea of being around the kind of people I imagine go to silent retreats? I'm not so sure about that.

Really, maybe this is why I like going to countries where people don't speak English. No talking. And I really like going to Scandinavia and England because even though everyone speaks English, people seem to mind their own business more and not talk just for the sake of it.