August 31, 2008

Obsessed with my new Incase slim backpack

I am obsessed with my new Incase slim backpack. I bought it because I'm determined to pack carry-on only for Milan-Paris this season. Plus, I've always had a thing for backpacks even though my New York friends make fun of me for using them. Anyway, it arrived in the mail this week and I'm totally in love with it -- it's super-substantial, with a padded back and really thick straps. and these are all these smart pocket designs, like a secret pocket for passports and tickets (that's actually big enough to hold passports and tickets), inside mesh pockets for a wallet and stuff, and a really serious furry laptop sleeve. Ooh, plus these cute little zip pouches on the waist strap. And the slim profile is ace because I've always had this pervasive fear that wearing a backpack would make me look even bigger than I already am, but this one is so slick, I'm sure it will fit perfectly right under the seat in front of me in, sigh, coach class on the plane.