August 27, 2008

My downstairs neighbor and noise code

Time again for my every-few-months unscheduled complaining about my downstairs neighbor, the crazy lawyer (who's actually younger than me!) with several dogs in a <400 sq ft studio. You know, she's the one who was fired from her job in a District Attorney's office last year for BITING ONE OF HER CO-WORKERS -- yes, that's why I just complain about her and don't actually do anything about it. I mean, the lawsuit-happy lawyer once threatened to sue me and sue the building because I had five people in my apartment once past midnight having a glass of wine -- and not even playing any music -- I still have her absurd letters from that incident. And now I'm scared to contact her about her dogs because I'm afraid she'll bite me. Seriously, this woman should consider anger-management therapy. Anyway, for the past four months I've been keeping a daily log of what time her dogs wake me up in the morning, how long they bark (usually all morning and sometimes between midnight and 3 a.m.). This morning? Bright and early at 7:20 a.m. -- then basically non-stop from 8:20 to 9:15.

The thing is, you know, obviously I live in a dog-friendly building. And some dog owners would say that barking just comes with the territory because, "That's what dogs do," yes I've actually heard that excuse verbatim. But I think that if several dogs are sequestered in a tiny apartment all day long and are barking barking barking all day, that, to me, is a clear sign of neglect. It's just not fair to buy a bunch of animals and coop them up while you're away all day. No wonder they're manic and restless.

Side effect of animal neglect? I get no sleep.