August 18, 2008

Little things you never forget

A few months ago Chris mentioned something he remembered me offhandedly saying that kind of stuck with him for a long time. And we talked about how someone can say something casually -- something they'll never think of again in that way -- but that one sentence or turn of phrase will stick with you for years.

Lately, thanks to Facebook, I've been virtually reunited with a lot of the people I spent the summer of 1994 with at the Boston Univ summer program for high school students. My roommate that summer, Amie, even made a Facebook group for us -- it's crazy, I'm convinced now, 14 years down the line, most of us still look exactly the same. Anyway, that summer, the room Amie & I shared opened up to the common area lounge and I remember one day lying in bed reading a book with the door open and hearing this boy, Rob S., who was sitting in the common area with a couple of the girls in our program, talking and going on and on about how fat I was. He called me fat, he called me "broad," he laughed a lot. The girls who were there seemed to be defending me a little, telling him he was being mean and stuff. And eventually I just didn't want to hear anymore of it and shut the door.

I'll never forget that and I'll never forget his name.

It's crazy, but I also have a distinct memory of something that happened in fourth grade, where this girl, who recently requested me as a friend on Facebook and I accepted, who knows why, wrote a note that she passed around class about how she didn't like me because she thought I was smelly. I remember being in the playground with my friend during recess and the note-writer coming up to us and saying something mean to me about being smelly and Chinese.

Maybe it's crazy, and it's not like I dwell on this stuff, but these memories flit cross my consciousness every now and again. I've never actually told anyone about these incidents, so maybe writing them down here will be a purge of some sort.