August 30, 2008

Don't burgle your own house

Okay, so I'm sure that somewhere, silently, Republicans are whinging about McCain's bizarre choice of running mate, but I haven't read or heard a peep from Republican bloggers or pundits yet. They're standing by their man.

And this is one of the huge problems I have with Democrats this election. So many Democrats I know spend a huge amount of time dissecting and criticizing Obama's mannerisms, his turns of speech. This race is too close, and with the situation our country is in now there's neither the time nor a place for sanctimonious snark. It's time to unite the party -- Democrats desperately need solidarity -- and stop being such mean dorks about the only great political hope the party has had in the past 10 years. Every stabby, persnickety thing that comes out of your mouth about Obama-Biden, no matter how much you secretly root for them in your most hopeful of hearts, every negative politically-irrelevant snipe that rolls off your tongue can be ingested by someone else, who may in turn choose not to vote Democrat. Every too-cool-for-school thing you say could have real-life implications, lasting reverberations.

This particular election we're coming up on has serious, real-life, every-day impacts for me and you (unless you're in, say, the top one percent of the country's rich, in which case, I probably don't know you personally), the well-being of this nation, and the lives of thousands of troops overseas. Don't f*** it up for Obama-Biden just because you think you're the smart-ass-pundit of the century.

Don't burgle your own house, kids.