August 24, 2008

Aaaurgh, spiders in my grapes?

I was just about to order grapes from FreshDirect when I read this warning label at the bottom of the description there -- cobwebs in my grapes? Where are the spiders? I'm sure I'd order the grapes and find a spider inside. Then what? Panic panic panic. Once at Dartmouth a spider bit me on the back of my neck. The bite swelled up and I ended up going to the doctor who put me on a course of antibiotics because he was concerned that the "dirty spider bite" (his words) would spread and become a brain or a spinal infection. I still have a scar/bump/chunk of flesh missing from the back of my neck.

That's a story for all those people who are all, "La la la spiders are our friends! They don't bite! We love spiders."