July 27, 2008

Devising my fall look

I have been dressing really badly for the past few seasons -- I've been suffering from fashion complacency and got caught up in the market, buying cutesy dresses and "funny" clothes. This fall I'm dedicating myself to a return to fashion. So I'm doing some research on what to save for this coming season. I always get really excited for autumn because summer is difficult for me and fashion -- it's hot in New York. Also, I like fall-winter because I love coats. I love the concept of outdoor clothing vs. indoor clothing -- in a way, I don't like when strangers on the street are privy to my indoor clothing. We're all layers, like onions, more intimate with every layer.

So this fall, my look will be truffle -- lumpy, black, expensive. I'm breaking the bad fashion habits I've fallen into over the last few seasons and getting my head back together. Time to try to get back to feeling like myself again.