July 24, 2008

The Brother Jimmy's allure -- it's not just the barbecue!

Just got home from the office and a little sleepy, but holding out that Hollin's flight gets in on time so she, EC, and I'll all get to pop by the Brother Jimmy's Murray Hill opening party tonight -- at least for a pint and to scope out the chain's newest location. If it seems a little out of the ordinary, why yes, how perceptive of you to notice.

We've been going to Brother Jimmy's since our college summers (internships) and more regularly just after college, when I first met EC. Hollin and EC are besties from boarding school and Hollin went to Dartmouth too. One of my closest friends from Dartmouth, Helen, Hollin, and EC and I would go to the Brother Jimmy's in the 70s on the UES, hang out at the bar, see random people we knew -- at the time it seemed like every recent grad in the city would either be there, at Moe's Carribean, or Dorian's on any given night -- and grab dinner after long days at our entry-level jobs. I think on Tuesdays they gave customers discounts if they presented southern IDs, and there were always North Carolina and Texas drivers' licenses around the table.