EXT. The Fire Pit at Surf Lodge, 9 p.m. last night

Jarod: Blah blah blah
Danica: Blah blah blah, in college I was a linguistics major and...
Jarod: Wait, what did you say?
Danica: I was a linguistics major.
Jarod: Wait, I was a linguistics major.
Danica: Oh my god.
Jarod: Oh my god.

[Proceed to have really nerdy and enthusiastic discussion about syntax, information structure, IPA, and object permanence. At the fire pit. At Surf Lodge. On Saturday night. In Montauk. While everyone else is doing shots.]

This is what pugs must feel like when they see other pugs walking down the street.

"Observe Everything. Always think for yourself. Never let other people make important decisions for you." — from Bad News by Edward St. Aubyn