Well said.

I met Jen Bilik on the last day I was at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah. She is very cool -- runs a business called Knock Knock Stuff, which sells funny, useful products with jaded and witty (and sometimes passive aggressive) statements emblazoned on them.

Anyway, I love her blog, which I first found when doing research about the Biggest Loser Resort. Jen spent ten weeks there total (and worked much harder than my wussy 1 week of whinging and wheezing), and I've been looking forward to reading her summary (she left about a week ago). The summary blog entry is great.

One of the things I really empathize with is her superwoman mono-focus abilities -- she can put her mind to anything and succeed, as long as it's just one thing. "My kryptonite is balance," she says. I totally get that.

Anyway, check it out if you like. Congratulations Jen on losing over 40 pounds!
"Observe Everything. Always think for yourself. Never let other people make important decisions for you." — from Bad News by Edward St. Aubyn