Front row

Fashion people know how to throw a good awards show. I mean, we have the skill sets. First, there's the (our) notoriously short attention span -- 18 minute collections anyone? -- then, there's the sharp aesthetic awareness, and finally, we're all so bitchy we can't stand anything that's even a hint of annoying. So the CFDA Awards tonight were fantastic, super fun. Tracey Ullman was a great host -- funny but not abrasive -- and the presenters (Justin Timberlake! Jimmy Fallon!) were stellar. I was sort of nervous, though, because I knew a lot of journalists weren't allowed inside, and KCD runs a tight ship, so when I was allowed inside, I was excited. And then when my ticket showed I had a front-row seat? I was thrilled. But nervous. See, every time I get a front row seat somewhere, at fashion shows, at stuff like this, I'm always nervous that someone's made a mistake. It's such a huge honor to sit in the midst of these brilliant nominees and huge major editors, I felt really lucky to be there. Anyway, the thing I took away with me tonight is the feeling that I want to do good work. The journalist/print honorees -- people like Jim Moore, the creative director of GQ, and Edward Nardoza of WWD -- are such inspiring, softspoken hard working diligent people. Seeing the montages of their work was so inspirational.
"Observe Everything. Always think for yourself. Never let other people make important decisions for you." — from Bad News by Edward St. Aubyn