Some notes

This is so upsetting: My Blackberry has said "SIM Card Rejected" ever since I left the office this afternoon. Not upsetting: I went to a tasting with Susie down in Soho, then to dinner at Boqueria, then to Jane on Houston where we met up with fencers (yes, fencers) Tim and Jason and went karaoke-ing. Good sportsmanship was demonstrated all around. Now it's 2:00 a.m. and I'm a little cranky cuz I'm tired. PS, today the ladies at Tractenberg sent me a pineapple candle and I LOVE it. Does it go with the Jonathan Adler and my vintage Italian Perspex coffee tables?

"Observe Everything. Always think for yourself. Never let other people make important decisions for you." — from Bad News by Edward St. Aubyn