October 24, 2008

Long day

I don't know what happened last night, dinner was brilliant and fun, we didn't even have much wine (just about four one-inch pours with different courses), but this morning I woke up super-knackered. Plus I had three big mosquito bites -- wait for it -- on my face! How does this happen? I go the entire summer with maybe two bites and all of a sudden over the past two weeks I've been completely devoured by bugs. Of course, I do have my window open (with a screen even) because it's been so hot-cold-hot-cold-humid-dry-blah-blah. But I figured it's so cold outside that all the mosquitos would be gone. Anyway, my face looks gross and I'm exhausted. But I can hardly go to bed. My annoying downstairs neighbor's dogs have been yapping like maniacs since 10:07 p.m. (it's now coming up to 11:15 p.m.).