September 19, 2008

I'm trying out some new brands of false eyelashes, here are a few I just ordered from Madame Madeline, who has amazing prices.

I've been wearing Sugar brand lashes for years, ever since early 2006, but lately they've been harder and harder to find -- most Sephoras don't sell them in-store anymore, and I haven't got the foresight to order them in advance. Of course, I love love love Shu Uemura's Luxe black lashes, which are just the most gorgeous lashes in the world, but unfortunately they closed the Soho Shu store which means I have to haul up to Bergdorf to buy them -- also, they're $20 a pop, which is really too expensive for me in this, ahem, economy. So I'm trying out new brands. I'm sure there have to be some makeup-artist-faves out there that don't break the bank. I've tried most of the ones at Ricky's, which I like, but don't last longer than one wear -- they totally fall apart when you remove them the first time. I need a solid band and something that looks quite fake in the package, because when they're on, I want the look to wind up being quite dramatic.