30 September 2008

I hate HSBC and am going to close my account

They made me call them from Paris, wait on hold for FORTY minutes, and go through FOUR people (the first of whom I clearly informed that I was on my cell phone from France) for the idiot internet banking fraud division to ask me, "We noticed you logged into your account from France and we just want to verify you are in France."


It's not like I logged on and moved any money. And it's obvious I am in France because I told the first, second, AND third person I spoke to that I am in Paris and this is an expensive phone call.

Then the man on the other line proceeded to tell me off that they are the internet fraud division blah blah blah something to be honest I couldn't understand a word he was saying. Then he said "Goodbye" and hung up.

I am filing a complaint and closing my HSBC account when I get back to New York.

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