September 24, 2008

Got up at 6:15 today to tidy up and get ready to meet mom for lunch then off to airport for Milan

I haven't been to Milan since Bridgette and I went for a weekend in 2000 to go shopping -- back when the country was still on the Lira. We rented a car to drive to the Fox Town outlet in Switzerland, where I bought a Helmut Lang denim jacket. This time I'm meeting Tuomas, Chris, Anna, Anna-Kaari, and Aleksi -- we're all in town to support Laitinen's first show, the afternoon of the 27th.

Getting up at 6:15 a.m. is no fun. My flight's in the early evening, so I want to make sure I'd be sleepy enough to sleep on the plane. Sigh. Sleepy now.