Got up at 6:15 today to tidy up and get ready to meet mom for lunch then off to airport for Milan

I haven't been to Milan since Bridgette and I went for a weekend in 2000 to go shopping -- back when the country was still on the Lira. We rented a car to drive to the Fox Town outlet in Switzerland, where I bought a Helmut Lang denim jacket. This time I'm meeting Tuomas, Chris, Anna, Anna-Kaari, and Aleksi -- we're all in town to support Laitinen's first show, the afternoon of the 27th.

Getting up at 6:15 a.m. is no fun. My flight's in the early evening, so I want to make sure I'd be sleepy enough to sleep on the plane. Sigh. Sleepy now.

"Observe Everything. Always think for yourself. Never let other people make important decisions for you." — from Bad News by Edward St. Aubyn