September 20, 2008

Getting political, my friends point out

My friend Tom emailed me this morning saying that it seems I've gotten more political lately.

It's true! And it's really unlike me. Generally, I'm a very superficial person far more preoccupied by things like the latest Junya Watanabe shoe collection and the state of the large black handbag market.

But this election is different.

When I was in grad school abroad I always used to joke that the President of the United States was more important to the daily lives of non-Americans than he is to American lives. But not this time around. Now's the first time in my adult life that I feel things changing. I can honestly say that I, personally, was better off three or four years ago when I joined the workforce, than I am today. Our dollar is incredibly weak. It's hard to buy nice stuff -- I know this is superficial, but it's a great indicator of the way things are going that the new average price of autumn-winter shoes on the main floor at Barney's hovers around the $1200 mark. Just a few years ago, they were hovering around the $600 mark.

So it's that. And another reason I've found myself so interested in the election is that in my life, the quality I despise most in people is duplicity and dishonesty, especially when people haphazardly lie about unimportant things -- just because they can and for no reason at all. And I feel that the McCain-Palin campaign is running a flagrantly hypocritical and duplicitous campaign -- they would be a lot better off just telling the truth about stuff. Stop trying to distract us from the issues by wasting campaign time with lies. They are a truly horrible reflection upon the Republican party and I'm surprised they've been allowed to carry on like this. But I supposed that it's more of a reflection on the party as a whole that the GOP strategy is to pander to the basest, most uninformed irrational beliefs of their constituency to garner votes.

If that's what they call "strategy" then maybe they ought to hire new consultants.