August 08, 2008


I'm sitting here watching the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony before dinner with the girls in about an hour and a half and I must say I am so moved. Growing up Chinese in America is not always easy. In a way I feel like I was lucky because I went to a high school that was super-diverse. But still, I wouldn't say that growing up and living with a confused sense of racial-cultural identity is easy at all, not by a long stretch.

All the residue of kids making fun of Chinese people in elementary school, later being accused of not being Asian or Chinese enough, dealing, almost on a daily basis, with gross guys who have Asian fetishes, grinning and bearing it when I read or hear people making ignorant racist comments -- all of it adds up. And oftentimes it's easy to forget that you come from a great history, a great civilization, a great people.

But this -- this Chinese Olympics. It's amazing. It's beautiful. It's awesome. And I'm so proud.