23 July 2008

One quiet week

Last week I ended up going out every night -- including all night Saturday to Atlantic City with the House of Diehl folks -- so this week I've really been taking it easy... which means I've been getting a little antsy.

In college, Chrissy said to me: "You know how you eat a huge meal and you're totally stuffed, but then a couple of hours later, it goes down a little bit and you're STARVING again?"

Yeah, that's kind of how I feel about going out. I'll go for weeks or months going out every night -- to super-fantastic events and dinner parties, meeting amazing people, getting really inspired to do new things and start creative projects, but totally running on empty, exhausted, no time to myself, messy apartment, etc. And then I stop going out for a minute and the quietness can get overwhelming really quickly.

It's good, though, this self-imposed calm. I definitely need a few days to myself to recharge.

So now I've just ordered some Korean food and am going to channel surf. How pedestrian!