24 July 2008

Tapout, House of Diehl, Kinerase, Sue Devitt, and Lockheart in this week's Haute List

It was really fun putting together this week's Haute List. You already know I went to AC for Style Wars this weekend, but I have to say that the highlight of my July has been meeting and talking with the Tapout guys, Mask, Punkass, and SkySkrape. I love their show -- I'm actually watching the first episode of their second season right now -- and I always love big tough guys, especially ones who aren't afraid to dress up and, uh, wear makeup. The Tapout guys are actually super-charming and really goofy and adorable in person -- and the stares we got going out on Sixth Avenue, taking pictures across the street from Radio City Music Hall? Priceless. I have big love for Tapout.