18 March 2008

Today's notes

If I don't constantly have information at my fingertips, I freak out.

I'm obsessed with Viigo. See above.

A 20 minute hot bath before bed means the difference between tossing and turning for an hour and a half and drifting off to sleep in ten minutes.

People who talk about weight loss all the time are so boring.

I am really really sick of adding up all my 2007 receipts. This tax system is bunk. So is our health care system.

I love Danity Kane and their big big hair.

Nokia phones and Blackberries are my favorite.

Tomorrow morning I am going to the Sean John store to buy a "NO BITCHASSNESS" shirt because I want to be like Diddy.

Add squid to the list of things I am allergic to, which heretofore included scallops and penicillin.

I really liked Julia Allison's blog, I wish she'd get back to it.

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