24 March 2008


Dinner with the girls tonight; we're all in spring limbo -- Springbo.

Hoping things get more settled by the summertime; am convinced our loopy-loopiness all has to do with global warming.

Sharon's just back from Mexico. Susan's just moved to new digs. Belinda's ditching us for Nashville. And me, I'm just wrapping my head around my fourth year back in New York when I never intended to live my adult life here to start with.

Ah, but the exchange rate.

London will just have to wait.

Actually, for me, it's all about the waterside house in Oxford these days -- I'm desperate to move to a small town, live by the water, write at home and sit around in the grass playing with puppies all day long. I'm just gasping for some fresh air.

And what about the summer? Europe's too expensive right now. America's like the new USSR; we're, like, the Mexico of Europe. Thank god T&C are coming to New York in June, at least I'll get to see them then. I wish they'd come for longer, we could travel. Nashville, LA. Come on guys.

Susie wants to go to S. Korea to try to become a pop star; I keep telling her we're too old and I'm not anywhere near thin enough. In the meantime I'm trying to figure out why the top teen bestsellers on Amazon.com are all vampire books.