12 March 2008

SlateNYC: Unfashionably, unfathomably bad service.

Since moving downtown in 2005, I've paid my local laundromat to do my laundry -- I'd estimate I spend about $60 a month. In two years of using the same service, they never lost anything -- not even a sock. But in recent months, they've "lost" several expensive casual pieces -- brands like Juicy Couture -- and, despite leaving various notes, my phone numbers, and information on how to contact me, no one's even bothered to call.

So I quit them.

In the meantime, I heard about Slate NYC, a service all these magazines and media outlets have written about -- eco laundry delivered right to your door. They charge $69 For a twice-monthly pick-up, so I thought it was a good deal. Here is what happened:

(1) I signed up on February 11th.
(2) They charged my credit card $69 on February 13th.
(3) Their online scheduling system doesn't work so I call once. No one is there, so I leave a message.
(4) No one returns my call so two days later I call again, leave another message.
(5) No one returns my call so two days later I call again, leave a third message.
(6) No one returns my call so two days later I call again, finally get a woman on the phone. She takes my name, number and address and says she will call me back in the afternoon.
(7) She never calls me back, so I call back the next day and speak to a man, who sets up my first pick-up for Monday, February 25th. He tells me I am all set for bi-monthly pick-ups every other Monday at the same time.
(8) They pick up my laundry on February 25th and return it on February 27th.
(9) This past Monday, March 10th, I left my laundry with my doorman for Slate to pick up.
(10) Slate charges me $69 for my second month.
(11) I discover today that they never picked up my laundry on Monday.
(12) I phoned and left a message. You think someone will call me back?

So far I have paid Slate $138 to do ONE bag of laundry.

Slate NYC laundry is the worst service I have ever signed up for.

And if I ever get anyone there on the phone I am going to cancel my service and demand a refund. I am actually really shocked that no one has ever written anything but blind praise about their service before -- I know I've been offered their services on a free-trial basis by publicists several times over. Silly me, I decided to sign up independently and pay out of my own pocket. Maybe Slate is one of those companies that takes better care of you when they know you're press.